I kind of like this effect, a sepia …

I kind of like this effect, a sepia tone with the coloring of the shirts and jeans left. I wish I could edit pictures all day sometimes.


~ by deveil on DecemberUTCb000000amFri, 09 Dec 2005 03:50:00 +000005 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “I kind of like this effect, a sepia …”

  1. THIS is awesome. Absolutely perfect! I really like the effect. Good work Derek!

  2. I used to love to edit pictures all day, too! But after a while I filled up my hard drive with so many pictures that my computer became really slow, and then I’d sit there dwiddling my thumbs waiting for the edit to take place.
    I agree that the blue jeans in the sepia are a great effect! You are a wonderfully talented photographer:)

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    Inside the Gilded Cage

    Dark Side of the Moon

  3. If I could get a job doing this, I’d be set too!! I just love working with photos & photoshop. This photo is wonderful, love what you did to it.

  4. Me too. I love to render photos. It is to a point now that I only like them after I have played with them. You do a wonderful job.

  5. too many fun things to do..too little time..yap Derek, I know what you mean 🙂 (but while you can do what you can at the moment..enjoy it anyway..right?)
    Wonderful pics..I’ve enjoyed your journal…be back soon!
    Journally Yours,
    Gem 🙂

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